Wholefoods is Victim of Credit Card Security Breach

Who is Safe? In a June 2017 cost of security data breach study by IBM and Ponemon Institute, the cost of data breaches is going down, however, breaches are becoming more frequent.  Just as you were figuring out the news about the Equifax hack, Wholefoods grocery Stores announces that it is the latest victim of credit card security breach. According to the reports from the grocery chain giant, it is investigating a breach of its credit card systems at certain locations after the company was hacked. Not all of its distribution chains appear to have suffered this breach.  Initial reports indicate that the breach appears to be limited to those Wholefood stores that have taprooms and full table-service restaurants. The company’s primary checkout systems for the retail-only stores were not involved in the breach. Apparently, those locations use different point of sale (POS) systems. 

The WholeFoods statement is available at this URL

Take the following steps to ensure the safety of your Identity and Credits Cards: 

1. Use a credible credit monitoring agency to review your credit report on regular basis, watch for any irregular activity 

2. Change your password at regular interval (every 6-9 months) 

3. Don’t give out your password over the phone or chat window 

4. If possible, use a password manager to safe guide your password

5. Where available use smartphones or EMV for payments 

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