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Oduwacoin partners with!

February 6, 2022/

ODUWACOIN RSS FEED INTEGRATED WITH CRYPTO.COM’S PRICE PAGE  Through’s Oduwacoin price page, you can now directly access Oduwa’s RSS news feed. This feature will enable users to obtain the latest news and updates on Oduwacoin. Oduwacoin is an autonomous decentralized cryptocurrency that serves as a medium of exchange to settle transactions for People…

These are the worst passwords of 2021, so stop using them ASAP

November 20, 2021/

Picking a strong password is more important than ever, but it’s also becoming increasingly difficult. Cybercriminals are constantly picking up new tricks, and it is nearly impossible to stay ahead of them. To make matters worse, some of us aren’t even trying. For the past several years, the team behind the password manager NordPass…

Why You Should Stop Using Your Facebook Messenger App

September 8, 2021/

If you’re one of Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 billion users, then you have just been given a serious reason to quit. While recent headlines suggest the platform is adding new security protections, there’s a nasty twist which makes this more risky than it seems, raising new questions about Facebook and its secretive backend systems. While Apple’s…

Protecting Your Devices

May 11, 2020/

1. Password-protect your smart devices, both at the lockscreen level and after logging in. This is particularly necessary for your smartphones and tablets 2. If you have a home network, be sure to protect your Wifi with passwords that are not easily decoded. Remember the bad guys are looking for easy access 3.…

How to Protect Yourself Using Password

May 11, 2020/

The most basic and fundamental protection you need as you engage in online activities is to make sure you have a password that is not easy to decode. The following are some Best Practices for protecting your user password: 1. Make sure you don’t share your password with other people, including members of…

The Importance of Digital Security

May 11, 2020/

The term Digital Security means different things to different people. I asked a friend what they understood by this term and they said, “it means being conscious of what you send with your gadgets”.  In the new world of Internet of Things (IoT), the importance of securing one’s privacy and data cannot be…

Wholefoods is Victim of Credit Card Security Breach

May 11, 2020/

Who is Safe? In a June 2017 cost of security data breach study by IBM and Ponemon Institute, the cost of data breaches is going down, however, breaches are becoming more frequent.  Just as you were figuring out the news about the Equifax hack, Wholefoods grocery Stores announces that it is the latest victim…


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